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Welcome to Fenland Landscape Against Turbines - a campaign to stop wind turbines being erected at Marshland St James, Norfolk.

FLAT are not against wind turbines in principle as an alternative method of generating electricity, but feel that they should not be situated close to residential homes.

This site was built to provide facts and information about the impact of wind turbines, and what they will mean to Marshland St James. It will be regularly updated with campaign news and information about wind farms.

We have decided to put a hold on the auction that was planned for 16 May 2009 in light of the current postponement of the proposal.
We do plan, however, on holding an event later in the year so your kind donations will still be required!  Please let us know if you need anything storing.

Visual comparison of wind turbine against Campbells Tower, Kings Lynn

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Every campaign costs money to run. A similar campaign in North Devon cost over £11,000! Help raise funds for FLAT. All donations are welcome! Cheques to be made payable to FLAT and sent to: The Treasurer, FLAT, P.O. BOX 182, WISBECH, PE14 4BL; or pay by PayPal...

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Wind Tubine Snippets & Quotes

Professor Peter Stiles of Keel University has completed tests in relation to a wind farm at Dunbar in Scotland and has found that infrasound vibrations are detected 10 kilmetres (6.2 miles) from the site of 60 metre turbines as soon as they start to generate. If the turbine has 3 blades (as is usual) and it turns at 20 revs per minute, then there will be a THUMP every second. Imagine 26 turbines all thumping away at once!

"One survey found that all but 1 of 14 people living near the Bears Down wind farm at Padstow, Cornwall, where 16 turbines were put up two years ago, had experienced increased numbers of headaches and 10 said they had problems sleeping and suffered from anxiety". Dr Amanda Harry, a local GP who did the research, continued to say, "People demonstrated a range of symptoms from headaches, migraines, nausea, dizziness, palpitations and tinnitus to sleep disturbance, stress, anxiety and depression. These symptoms had a knock on effect on their daily lives causing poor concentration, irritability and an inability to cope".

"If I wanted to build in an area of outstanding natural beauty I wouldn't be allowed. Yet these turbines are 22 storeys high and put on hills where everyone can see them. They need 1,000 tonnes of concrete and a road infrastructure. It beggars belief that some environmental groups say they are 'green'!". David Bellamy

"Aside from the obvious aesthetic impact, wind farms are disastrously uneconomic in both financial and economical terms. They absorb a great deal of energy in their construction and installation and deliver an intermittent trickle of power in return. Wind installations require back-up conventional capacity for calm days, so you pay twice for every megawatt of installed capacity". Roger Helmer, Member of European Parliament East Midlands.

"When wind farm developers do surveys to assess the suitability of a site, they measure the audible range of noise but never the infrasound measurement — the low frequency noise that causes vibrations that you can feel through your feet and chest. This frequency resonates with the human body — their effect being dependant on body shape. There are those on whom there is virtually no effect, but others for whom it is incredibly disturbing". Dr Amanda Harry

"The impact of such wind farms on local wildlife is devastating. Both birds and bats will be killed by the turbine blades and their habitats damaged, while breeding ground for bird and badger sets will be seriously disrupted. Horse riders using local bridleways risk their safety if a horse is startled by noise or movement from the turbines." Roger Helmer, Member of European Parliament East Midlands.

"Like creatures from 'The War of the Worlds' they frantically wave their arms across the scenery as if semaphoring to some distant ally. Not only is it impossible to avoid them, placed as they are, but their ceaseless movement draws the eye from wherever else it may rest. Nobody with an ounce of respect for the countryside could have permitted their erection". David Hunt, Former Welsh Secretary.

The Financial Mail of the Mail on Sunday dated 15th April 2007, reported that a research paper by National Grid stated that 1,632 existing windmills were running at less than ten percent of capacity for a period of 17 days. During a 5 month period the wind turbines were operating at only 35 per cent efficiency.

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