Development of Turbines in the UK

Development of Turbines in the UK

At the end of 2015 the UK had over 6500 wind turbines installed creating over 13 gigawatts of energy and this number is currently increasing. Alongside the 6500 industrial sized wind turbines, there are also over 30000 small to mid-sized wind turbines functioning in the UK, these smaller wind turbines cannot produce over 100kW of energy but they can reach over 100 feet tall, these wind turbines are often installed on farms and land owners. Although this great progression has had a huge positive outcome there are still many people against the idea of wind turbines.

Although there is a rapid growth of function wind turbines in the UK, the industrial sized version cannot be manufactured in the UK and therefore are having to be imported from other countries such as the USA and Denmark. This is due to the UK not having the skills set or raw materials available to carry out the manufacturing process currently.

There are many pros / cons for and against wind turbines which can be resolved when organisations use a supplier that has the services available to meet a specific criteria.

Number of Onshore Wind Turbines by Region

  1. Scotland - 2303
  2. Mid Wales - 389
  3. Northern Ireland - 364
  4. North West - 219
  5. Yorkshire and Humber - 194
  6. East Midlands - 183
  7. North East - 173
  8. East of England - 141
  9. South West - 125
  10. North Wales - 100
  11. South Wales - 98
  12. South East - 43
  13. London - 6
  14. West Midlands - 0

(Source: RenewableUK Database)

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